Fugitive Watch Launches San Francisco’s Most Wanted TV Program

SAN FRANCISCO, CA September 8th, 2000 –Fugitive Watch Television, ATT Broadband San Francisco Media Services and the San Francisco Police Department proudly announce they have joined forces to bring the Most Wanted cable TV program to the City by the bay. ATT Media Services will begin broadcasting Fugitive Watch on cable channel 28 twice daily.  This will add over 189,000 households and over ½ million potential San Francisco viewers to the popular cable television show.  Federal, state and local law enforcement have credited Fugitive Watch with the capture of over 380 dangerous fugitives and San Francisco police will be profiling local fugitives in hope of locating more scofflaws.


Fugitive Watch Television is the 6-year-old brainchild of two San Jose Police officers, airing pictures and descriptions of fugitives suspected to be hiding in the Bay Area since January of 1993. Fugitive Watch airs on ATT Media Services cable stations at various times in over 66 cities and 5 counties throughout the bay area.  Fugitive Watch publishes a 24 page newspaper highlighting wanted fugitives, public safety information and community resources.  The newspaper is distributed free and can be found at your local Longs Drugs store.


For More information, visit the Fugitive Watch website at http://www.fugitive.com or call Steve Ferdin at 408-994-7930 or San Francisco Police Sergeant Jeremiah Morgan at 415/553-1071. For San Francisco show times contact Barrett Giorges at San Francisco ATT Media Services at 415/252-6306.


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