Fugitive Watch Productions is the 12-year-old brainchild of San Jose Police Officer Steve Ferdin and Scott Castruita. Since 1992 Fugitive Watch Productions has been featuring pictures and descriptions of fugitives and suspects of crimes. Fugitive Watch is televised on Comcast cable stations at various times in 7 counties throughout the Bay Area. Fugitive Watch also publishes a newspaper highlighting wanted fugitives and public safety information. Fugitive Watch has been credited by law enforcement with captures all over the world. The newspaper is distributed free throughout the bay area. The Fugitive Watch web site has had over 20 million visitors since 1996.

Fugitive Watch has featured well over 2000 fugitives and unsolved crimes for local, state and federal law enforcement free of charge. Citizen tips to our Hotline at 1-800-9-CAUGHT have lead to the captured of over 900 fugitives worldwide. Fugitive Watch uses no tax money and is solely supported by the generous sponsorship of local businesses. Together we have empowered the community to strike back at crime from the safety of their own living rooms. As one police official stated, with this Police/Citizen partnership, Fugitive Watch has created one huge Fugitive/Warrant Apprehension Unit. Even state Department of Corrections official’s report that word has spread through out the parolee population “Don’t mess up” because San Jose has the Fugitive Watch program.


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