Convicted Rapist Parolee arrested at a San Jose elementary school


San Jose, CA Feb.28th, 2008–Fugitive Watch is proud to announce that a convicted rapist has been captured after absconding parole supervision and being featured on Fugitive Watch. Saily Mohamed Nguyen was recognized by an alert student at George Leyva Elementary School in east San Jose who then reported it a school teacher. The teacher checked the Fugitive Watch web site and when she saw Nguyen’s photo she immediately called the police. When police arrived, they found Nguyen watching an after school girls volley ball game. According to police, Nguyen tried to convince the officers that they had the wrong man until officers showed him his very own picture from the Fugitive Watch Newspaper.

The California Department of Corrections reported that Nguyen was released on parole after being convicted of Rape and was considered a High Control Parolee. He then absconded parole supervision and failed to register as a sex offender. According to the Department of Homeland Security he was not to re-enter the country without permission. Nguyen had been at large for over a year when he was finally arrested.

Fugitive Watch Television is the 16-year-old brainchild of San Jose police officers Steve Ferdin and Scott Castruita, televising pictures and descriptions of fugitives suspected to be hiding in the Bay Area. Fugitive Watch airs as a public service on Comcast cable stations at various times in 7 counties throughout the bay area. Many people refer Fugitive Watch as a bay area version of America’s Most Wanted. Fugitive Watch also publishes a monthly newspaper and hosts a web site Fugitive Watch has also recently begun featuring fugitives and news stories on the popular web site Come check out other fugitives


~ by fugitive watch on March 1, 2008.

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