A thanks for Fugitive Watch from Senator Dianne Feinstein

This was a letter we received after a concerned citizen wrote a letter on our behalf. We really appreciate all the great things she said and recognized us for but, like I told her these fugitives have been caught and will continue to be caught because of concerned citizens like her. So, Steve and I would like to thank all of you, Check the comments for an example of the letter she wrote. Again thank you for all your support.

Senator Dianne Feinstein

Washington, D.C.

January 1, 2008

Officer Steve Ferdin and Sergeant Scott Castruita

Fugitive Watch Productions

353-E East Tenth Street

Gilroy, CA 95020

Dear Sergeant Castruita and Officer Steve Ferdin:

It is a pleasure for me to join your friends, family and colleagues in recognizing you on protecting our citizens and community.

I also want to thank you for creating “Fugitive Watch Productions” and dedicating your lives to serving and defending our community. The dedication that you have both shown has led to the capture of over 919 fugitives worldwide and shows how people can make a profound difference in the lives of others. This contribution has empowered the community to combat crime and help keep the community safe. Both of you serve as a model for future law enforcement officers.

As a United States Senator representing the people of California, I commend you for your outstanding service, and congratulate you on your continued success. I send you my best wishes and appreciation.

Sincerely yours,

Dianne Feinstein

United States Senator



~ by fugitive watch on January 8, 2008.

7 Responses to “A thanks for Fugitive Watch from Senator Dianne Feinstein”

  1. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
    State Capitol Building
    Sacramento, CA. 95814
    Attention: Executive Writers
    Dear Governor Schwarzenegger:
    My name is Carolann Espino, a private citizen in San Jose California.
    The purpose of this letter is to submit the names of two outstanding individuals who have worked tirelessly in preventing crime, protecting our citizens and capturing fugitives throughout our great state but also world wide
    Their names are Steve Ferdin and Scott Castruita, owners and founders of “Fugitive Watch Productions”. I met Scott when he responded to a call I placed to the San Jose Police Department. Since then I have become friends with both of these individuals.
    Fugitive Watch Productions is the 16 year old brainchild of San Jose Police Officer Steve Ferdin and Scott Castruita. Since 1992 Fugitive Watch Productions has been featuring pictures and descriptions of fugitives and suspects of crimes. Fugitive Watch is televised on Comcast cable stations at various times in 7 counties throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Fugitive Watch also publishes a newspaper highlighting wanted fugitives and public safety information. Fugitive Watch has been credited by law enforcement with captures all over the world. The newspaper is distributed free throughout the bay area. The Fugitive Watch website has had over 20 million visitors since 1996. The internet has made it possible for Fugitive Watch to bring wanted criminals to people around the world.
    Fugitive Watch has featured well over 3000 fugitives and unsolved crimes for local state and federal law enforcement free of charge. Citizen tips to their hotline have led to the capture of over 1200 fugitives worldwide. Fugitive Watch uses no tax money and is solely supported by the generous sponsorship of local businesses. Together these two individuals have empowered the community to strike back at crime from the safety of their own living rooms. The program has been featured on every major Bay Area newscast, Peter Jennings World News Tonight, USA Today Newspaper, as well as international news programs.
    Now what people do not know is that Steve and Scott are “Fugitive Watch”. Scott has worked for the San Jose Police Department for 23 years and still employed as a Sergeant with the force. During his 27 years in law enforcement, he has been injured and hospitalized thirteen times. He produces and operates Fugitive Watch when he is not on duty. Steve Ferdin worked with the Santa Clara Sheriff’s Department for thirteen years and later transferred to the San Jose Police Department. Several years ago, Steve Ferdin was injured in the line of duty by a drunk driver in San Jose, CA. He sustained neck and spinal injuries and was forced to retire after almost three decades of working in law enforcement. Any ordinary citizen would have retired and just spent the rest of their life enjoying themselves. Not Steve, he now works primarily with the “Fugitive Watch” program. I know both of these individuals personally. I have gained in admiration and respect for the both of them. Scott’s father delivers the Fugitive Watch newspaper to all its locations.
    What people do not know is that many times Steve and Scott put their own money into keeping “Fugitive Watch” alive. I know the hours and dedication they have worked without financial gain. Most of the money they receive goes directly into the cost of running the program. They have dedicated themselves, many times with no compensation or recognition for their unbelievable efforts in combating crime and keeping our communities safe. They are both very wonderful people, with big hearts and generous spirits. They have had much adversity in continuing their program and have risen above it. Therefore I felt compelled to submit their names to the
    Governor’s Office for special recognition or some type of award for their continued service to their communities. Rarely do we hear good things about our law enforcement. These two individuals are truly heroes in my book. They do not know that I am submitting this letter to the governor’s office. They are very humble individuals.
    Information for Fugitive Watch can be mailed to 353-E East Tenth Street, Gilroy, CA. 95020. Their email is news info@fugitive.com or http://www.fugitive.com. I cannot think of two more incredible individuals. I await your response and appreciate your consideration for this well deserved recognition.
    Sincerely yours,
    Carolann Espino
    Private Citizen

  2. I was quite impressed with the information I gained about the founders of Fugitive Watch. I had no idea about their background nor their commitment. I was truly impressed to say the least. I would like to say thank you to these two people. I had no idea of the dedication and sacrifice they have made until I read this letter. Thank you concerned citizen for letting us know what are good guys are doing.

  3. Thank you for your kind words we appreciate them.

  4. I was quite impressed with the letters written on your behalf. I happen to personally know the author of the private citizen. letter. You are fortunate to have her as an adovacate. I have known her for most of lmy ife and anytime she puts her energy on a project amzaing things begin to happen. She has spent her whole adult life helping others. She told me about your website, the work you are doing and the dedication you both have.

  5. Dear Sirs
    Congratulations on your expansion to the entire USA. I am quite impressed with the Fugitive Watch Program and the tremendous success rate. I have noted that you have not included the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico in your expansion. The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico is part of the USA. I am an officer in the national territorial police department. When will you start a Fugitive Watch program in Puerto Rico? We need a program such as Fugitive Watch will welcome your company to our community. We have a serious crime rate so please come as soon as possible.

  6. Thank you Officer Ferdin for the opportunity to show me in 1994, the way you worked for the San Jose Police Department. It’s been a really nice opportunity, I’ve been proud as French Police Officer to see you on duty during one nigth. Thanks for your friendship. France needs these kind of program, your program !
    Sincerely yours.

  7. -Dear Officer Castruit and Steve Ferdin I wish to say thank you for the countless hours you have given to protect my community. I have heard tremendous good comments about you from a strong communtiy advocate that I have known most of my life. She also has worked tirelessly for the better good. She spoke so highly about both of you as selfless heroes fighting crime. Thank you for your work in our community. You are lucky to have such an advocate as my friend Carolann Espino. Her name speaks volumes for people and their credibilty.

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