Juveniles,Youths,Children,Youngsters,Kids Criminals?

Juvenile,Youths,Children,Youngsters,Kids impressionable, this is what I hear and see all day long from the media and people that have never been a victim from one of the above listed. When it finally happens to you, it’s different. Most people, well let me say THOSE people feel the above listed should not be punished and are not able to commit crimes. When they become the victim let me tell you how they react. “What are the police doing?” “Why are these people (above listed) not in jail?” “Why are there not more police out here?” “The police should be doing more!” “How come the police just let them hang out there?”.

Today as I have many times, wonder why THOSE people are not asking “What are the PARENTS doing?” “Why do we insist that these Youngsters are not given a punishment to match the crime?” “Why are there not more Parents out here watching THEIR Youngsters?” “The PARENTS should be doing more!” “Do PARENTS know where their above listed are? Do they know that they are just hanging out there!”. I guess I can answer my own question, “it is easy to blame the police rather then be a parent”. Why not? The media blames the police for everything. It sells papers and brings false ratings to TV.

I say look in the mirror Mom,Dad,Guardian that’s who you blame.


~ by fugitive watch on December 7, 2007.

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