Scott Castruita’s fugitive watch blog welcome!

Scott Castruita is a San Jose police sergeant and founder/owner/president of Fugitive Watch Productions. He started his career as a police officer in 1984. Scott is a California police veteran with over 23 years of experience. He has devoted much his off duty time to creating and producing a program dedicated solving crimes and locating dangerous fugitives. He has been interviewed and quoted in many local and national television news programs and newspapers. In 1992, he and another police officer, Steve Ferdin started the Fugitive Watch/San Jose’s Most Wanted television program on the local cable television channel. The program began as a short five minute segment featuring still frame photos of local fugitives with a voice over. The first episode featured seven fugitives and within a few weeks all but one of the fugitives were captured. Since then the program has evolved into a 30 minute cable television program televising across the San Francisco bay area, a newspaper title=””> and a web site and Scott Castruita and Steve Ferdin jointly host the television program. There efforts have been responsible for putting over a thousands dangerous fugitives back in jail where they belong thanks to fugitive watch viewers.


~ by fugitive watch on December 6, 2007.

2 Responses to “Scott Castruita’s fugitive watch blog welcome!”

  1. This is a wonderful idea! I think this kind of Fugitive exposure would be great in my city. Any plans on going nationwide?

  2. I believe in this time of financial uncertainty for our country it is our responsibility to come up with cost saving programs.

    My idea is simple, cost effective and will save the tax payers hundreds of millions. Voluntary sterilization with compensation of individuals that are incarcerated, destitute, drug & alcohol addicts or just plain nutts.

    Pick a nominal figure, say 10k. Now factor the costs to taxpayers for prenatal care, delivery-hospitalization and just about every expense you can imagine including child care. Oh yes let’s not foget the contract/agreeement that medicare, state and feds will NOT pay for a reversal. This would not preclude these individuals from obtaining a reversal should they get there act together.

    Something to think about !

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