San Jose Police Brutality – NOT!

Letter to Fugitive Watch: So True!

Do you ever wonder what it must be like to be one of these community activist types? How would it be to wake up every morning wondering what it is that you can blame the police for doing wrong now? Despite their outward blustering for attention, they must lead lives of quiet, inner desperation.

It must be especially tough to be an activist around here. The San Jose Police Department is one of the finest, most professional law enforcement agencies in the country. Although there might be an occasional knucklehead doing something dumb once in awhile, such instances are extremely rare here and we are about as free of misconduct and corruption as any organization made up of human beings can possibly be, and far and away better than most.

What then is an activist or a “watch dog” to do? They must worry endlessly about not finding anything to whine about; about not being able to get their grant money to study “police oppression” or set up their “watch dog” committees or even to have the media acknowledge their existence. When they go to cocktail parties or social events, if they’re invited at all after not finding any police corruption or unfair treatment of any community group, they must be terrified that they won’t have some police misconduct that they can brag to their activist friends about “uncovering” during a (taxpayer funded) “study” by their “commission” (!!!).

For our local activists, it must be like a nightmare; and it just keeps getting worse. They complained of “racial profiling” The San Jose Police Department did an “audit” of car stops by race and disproved that contention. Of course the activists disputed the statistics and when the Grand Jury confirmed that the San Jose Police Department was not “racial profiling”, the activists changed their plaintive bleat to “Ok, then how about some groups are getting searched more during car stops!”. (*sigh*; yawn).Well, although they are wrong (AGAIN) on that issue, you have to admire their persistence and their ability to remain undaunted by the facts.

Next they screeched that the San Jose Police Department was using force disproportionately against various segments of the community. We created another report form for the poor beat cop to fill out, and collected these statistics. The outcome: Activists…Wrong again.

Open Grand Jury? No help there.

The introduction of the taser garnered some small media attention for activists and cop-haters alike who either exalted or condemned it (depending on which way they perceived the media wind was blowing). This of course, again, cost the taxpayers more money; both to buy tasers and then to train cops on the proper use of this latest “perfect solution”. There was still though some small, predictable, almost obligatory, barking from activist and police “watch dogs” who wanted to study and monitor police use of the new miracle cure for police use of force (Of course these groups wanted taxpayer money to fund these studies too).

Now that the initial media attention on the taser has waned, the “watch dogs” are all protesting and wanting the taser to be abandoned. Apparently the cop-hating media junkies want police to go back to mace, baton and carotid restraint so that these watch dogs can move back into their police condemnation comfort zone and try to regain the lost glory of their past media attention.

I’m a compassionate man. I feel their pain. I want to help these poor unfortunate souls who have nothing “blue” left to criticize, condemn or excoriate. Let’s add some spice to their pathetic little lives. Let’s make things interesting. I propose a wager.

Activist groups have recently accused the San Jose Police Department of doing whatever else it is that we are doing to whatever other segment of the community that we are doing it to and they want some sort of “Federal probe”. (Geesh, these people want to do more “probing” than my proctologist). OK, I say let’s give it to them but with one caveat.

How about the San Jose Police Officer’s Association putting $100,000 into an escrow account and these activist groups who want the probe putting $100,000 of their own money into the same account? Let the “probe” go forward. When the results come back, let an impartial panel, such as the local Grand Jury, rule on whether or not there is any compelling evidence of systemic racial bias in the enforcement efforts of the San Jose Police Department. If there is, the San Jose Police Officer’s Association will forfeit our $100,000 and the “watch dogs” can spend it on whatever they want. If there is not, these activists will forfeit their money and the San Jose Police Officer’s Association will donate it to one of the many charities that we support.

Come on all you activists and police critics, let’s do it. It’ll be fun and if you win, you’ll earn bragging rights at your next cocktail party. What do you say? Are you in?


~ by fugitive watch on November 29, 2007.

5 Responses to “San Jose Police Brutality – NOT!”

  1. Very interesting article. It was an eye opener for me

  2. I like this article. I have learned not to trust what you read in the paper. I feel most of these anti police groups are people that just need a reason to hate. I don’t live in the City of San Jose but i go there often for business. I have had the pleasure of meeting some of the police officers while asking them for directions or a safe place to eat. They have always been kind and professional, yet on the other hand I was not trying to purposely antagonize them so I could have a reason to whine. I think these groups should be held liable for costing tax payers to spend money to prove they are making allegations up. I appreciate everything the police do in protecting us. Oh ya one more note I bet when these complainers are in trouble they dial 911 and not another complainer.

  3. After reading this article, I am a bit uncertain as to whether I fully agree with the expressed opinion of this officer. I believe racial profiling exists, not only in the field of law enforcement, but in society as a whole. Our ideas of people based upon race,social class, and sexual orientation, is a direct result of our personal experiences, be they good or bad. To say that a police officer is exempt from these thoughts or feelings is to say they are superhuman. And though there are officers that rise above their own personal biasts, there are just as many that don’t. The other side of this argument is the hassle (and money spent) that police departments are forced to endure while an extremist with a microphone and a chip on their shoulder blames the whole world for their shortcomings. My hope is for the true victims with legitamate grievances be heard despite the ever present arguments. Perhaps someone will listen, and take you up on your offer, it sounds like a no brainer to me.

  4. Thank you for the reply though, I think you did not understand the article fully. It never read that police are exempt from thoughts of anything. The bottom line don’t paint all officers with the same broad brush. If you do that now your profiling. Get it?

  5. I enjoyed reading your article, and what you say is true about the “few nuckle heads”. It is no diiferent then any large employer…when their’s a large number of employee’s, their are knuckle heads! It is to bad that one knuckle heads actions can tarnish so much good done the rest of his group. It is always easy to find a finger pointing person that feels that they were pick on or violated, but in most cases that finger pointer has been in trouble more than once before. Do these tazer haters have even a small clue of what it must be like when an officer of the law arrives on the scene of a man or woman on a rampage. This person is acting wild and crazy, yelling threats and reachiing around his pockets. Then that officer has to get this person under control, not knowing who he is, or what he has done in his past, or what he has in his coat or pockets then has to approch this COMPLETE STRANGER and RESTRAIN him…HELL YES THESE OFFICERS NEED A TAZER. I am damn thankful that their is someone out there to remove this freak from the streets and restrain him. I would assume that the man out of control would perfer
    to be TAZED, then to be SHOOT with a bullet. These officers are human beings just like you. They get scared just like you. These officers have families just like you. They also bleed just like you. These men need the tazer gun and all the other protection they carry, put yourself in their shoes for God sakes…hello! I know that their are some police officers that
    are not so cool…(we all know this) But their are people not so cool EVERYWHERE you go so get use to it. These men and women of the San Jose Police Department put their lives on the line to protect us…and that my friend is a FACT! So let’s all quit pretending that were living in the PERFECT WORLD, and think about how unperfect it would be WITHOUT them! If you are violated by an officer…PLEASE turn them in, because all the other officers on that force do not want that officer being a part of their team. We should also be thankful the we have the San Jose Police Department….look at the poor residents that live in Campbell…wow…could you imagin! Were very lucky to have the fine Police Department that we have here in San Jose, and I say to them…THANK YOU! Thank you for the protection that you provide for us! Respectfully, Jeff

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